Wali ul Asr Learning Institute

Wali ul Asr Learning Institute

Wali ul Asr Learning Institute
Wali ul Asr Learning Institute

Wali ul Asr provides an environment where students do not have to choose between becoming practicing Muslims, successful professionals and responsible Canadian citizens. This school develops future Muslim leaders who, from a young age, are trained to excel religiously, academically and in extracurricular activities.

By the grace of Allah (SWT), Wali ul Asr has achieved significant milestones in academic excellence, religious training and character development. With over 750 students from JK to grade 12 and waiting lists on many of our classes, the school has grown tremendously in just a few years. We are a $750,000 organization, and Alhamdulillah, due to the continual support we have received, and continue to receive, we were able to break even within just four years of opening the school.

Wali ul Asr students took part in the standardized provincial examination (EQAO) in Mathematics and English and performed better than the majority of the schools in the area. They also participated in regional competitions and have won multiple awards. Our parents’ satisfaction, measured through anonymous surveys, is over 97%.

Extending beyond the formative years of one’s life, high school is a critical time for students as they face significant peer pressure. This leads to a higher chance of going astray. Unfortunately, the Shia community in Canada has lost influence on a large number of youths in this age group, resulting in significant pain for their families and depriving the community of its future leadership potential.

Wali ul Asr opened the first Shia High School program in September 2012, which extended to three campuses in 2014. By providing an environment where students can focus on learning, students are granted every opportunity to reach their full potential. Wali ul Asr is an inspected private school and has been authorized to grant credits by the Ministry of Education for the Central and East campuses.

Wali ul Asr has also organized some of the largest and most successful events held by any Shia organization in Canada. Our team today consists of 1 head, 3 directors, 5 senior leadership members, 5 board of advisors, 90 employees and over 100 youth volunteers.

84 Simpson Road, Caledon, ON
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